Finding Tomorrow's Treatments Today
The CTRA connects patients, doctors, researchers, and sponsors for clinical trials that may develop better ways to prevent and treat illnesses.
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Moving promising research from the laboratory to patients
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Clinical trials may help patients live longer, healthier lives

For Patients & Community

By volunteering for a clinical trial, you can advance medical knowledge and play an active role in your healthcare. Be a hero and bring hope to people suffering from health issues.

For Healthcare Providers

CTRA works with patients and healthcare providers throughout the area. Find a trial for your patient or discover how you can become involved in conducting a trial.

For Sponsors

More than 30 experienced investigators are trained in conducting trials with a focus on producing quality data safely and with the highest level of ethical standards.

For Researchers

CTRA provides contract, budgeting, regulatory, and data management assistance, allowing researchers to concentrate on the trial.



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